Annie Duke is a world famous poker player and author. She has a unique perspective on cognition, performance, development & psychology.

In this episode, she gets deep into how her and a select group of her poker playing contemporaries aimed to differentiate themselves from the behavioural patterns of most poker players, how they challenged themselves and each other to not rest on their default biases to create a state of constant uncertainty, consistent learning opportunities and ultimately, refreshed strategies.

The conversation runs from personal anecdotes to tactical ways of adjusting & reframing your cognition to support focused adult learning & development. It is fun, informative and incredibly inspiring. In a technological age where developments are coming thicker and faster than we can reasonably be expected to respond to, it is a unique perspective on how you thrive in uncertain times and roll with the punches.

If you want to test your default bias, something very simple can really help you check your own sense-making capabilities. The next time you read a story in the news which evokes a strong response. Go to every news outlet that you can find it on and see how it is written, addressed and reported differently. Read each story without defaulting to one being right and another being wrong, pull all the facts together and see if you think differently versus how you immediately responded.

Thinking about your patterns and how your sense-making is influenced by the lense you look through is massively important, as it allows you to not only critically evaluate yourself but also the sources of information that you rely upon. There is an agenda at play in nearly every environment, try and zoom out and understand the system within which the information is being shared, rather than responding without self sovereignty.