Service Provision understand that the sheer volume of health & wellbeing content online can be daunting. That’s why we will only post videos, articles, podcasts we think offer genuine insights, with a short synopsis of actions you can test to see if they work for you.

At Service Provision we believe in utility and think outcomes are key. So try something, if it benefits you make it part of your routine, if it doesn’t… chalk it up to experience.

Full & Complete Engagement – Tony Schwartz

Tony Schwarz is the founder and president of The Energy Project and the co-author of 'The Power of Full Engagement'. In this talk, he illustrates that in an ever quickening digital world where the demands on us as individuals are increasing exponentially, we need to...

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Prioritise, Focus & Achieve – Laura Vanderkam

Laura Vanderkam is the author of a book called 'What the most successful people do before breakfast'. The central premise is that mornings are an under-utilised period when it comes to taking steps towards your goals. The kids are asleep, the heating hasn't clicked...

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Brain Health Risk Factors – Dr Daniel Amen

Dr Daniel Amen is a psychiatrist and brain disorder specialist from America, he has released a number of books over the last 15 years which have seem him propelled into the space of ‘self-help’ guru in recent years, however that does not reduce nor undermine some of...

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How Trauma Shapes Behaviour – Gabor Maté

Dr. Gabor Maté is a physician, addiction expert and well known author. His background is originally in family practice, which over the course of his working life, gave him the opportunity to understand the role & alignment between childhood trauma and the impact...

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Master your Mind – Dandapani

Dandapani is a Hindu priest, who regularly speaks on personal development, cognitive potential and practical spirituality. He preaches a simple, well-observed & thought out approach to life’s challenges based on embracing sustainable change. In this episode, he...

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Iron Bars to Ironman – John MacAvoy

John MacAvoy has transformed himself from written off inmate, to written about world record breaker. Born and raised in the hyper-masculine environment of esteemed bank robbers living entirely outside of the system, floating between a life of luxury and multiple...

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The Masks We Wear – Blind Boy

Blind Boy from the comedy group Rubberbandits could be considered an unusual figurehead for emotional and mental wellbeing considering that in public he never appears without a plastic bag on his head. However, dismiss him at your peril, he is a fountain of knowledge...

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Get Better by Being Wrong – Annie Duke

Annie Duke is a world famous poker player and author. She has a unique perspective on cognition, performance, development & psychology. In this episode, she gets deep into how her and a select group of her poker playing contemporaries aimed to differentiate...

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The Case for Calm Tech – Amber Case

Amber Case is an MIT & Havard researcher who wants to see human-tech interactions be less intrusive, more supportive & additive. The current trend of interruptive, unintuitive and unhealthy attention grabbing tech has had its day and it is time to embrace...

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