At Service Provision we believe in utility and think outcomes are key. So when we find something that interests and inspires us to try something different whether it is a mental model, a mindfullness technique or the latest updates to a digital marketing platform, we want to share it!

The importance of saying what you mean

I recently came across the work of economist Timur Kuran, whose book 'Private Truths, Public Lies' centres around the idea of preference falsification and it's impact both social & political. Preference falsification, put simply, is the act of mis-representing...

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Brain Health Risk Factors – Dr Daniel Amen

Dr Daniel Amen is a psychiatrist and brain disorder specialist from America, he has released a number of books over the last 15 years which have seem him propelled into the space of ‘self-help’ guru in recent years, however that does not reduce nor undermine some of...

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Master your Mind – Dandapani

Dandapani is a Hindu priest, who regularly speaks on personal development, cognitive potential and practical spirituality. He preaches a simple, well-observed & thought out approach to life’s challenges based on embracing sustainable change. In this episode, he...

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Iron Bars to Ironman – John MacAvoy

John MacAvoy has transformed himself from written off inmate, to written about world record breaker. Born and raised in the hyper-masculine environment of esteemed bank robbers living entirely outside of the system, floating between a life of luxury and multiple...

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The Masks We Wear – Blind Boy

Blind Boy from the comedy group Rubberbandits could be considered an unusual figurehead for emotional and mental wellbeing considering that in public he never appears without a plastic bag on his head. However, dismiss him at your peril, he is a fountain of knowledge...

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Get Better by Being Wrong – Annie Duke

Annie Duke is a world famous poker player and author. She has a unique perspective on cognition, performance, development & psychology. In this episode, she gets deep into how her and a select group of her poker playing contemporaries aimed to differentiate...

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