At Service Provision we believe in utility and think outcomes are key. So when we find something that interests and inspires us to try something different whether it is a mental model, a mindfullness technique or the latest updates to a digital marketing platform, we want to share it!

The Case for Calm Tech – Amber Case

Amber Case is an MIT & Havard researcher who wants to see human-tech interactions be less intrusive, more supportive & additive. The current trend of interruptive, unintuitive and unhealthy attention grabbing tech has had its day and it is time to embrace...

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The Century of Self – Adam Curtis

Adam Curtis is a cultural commentator who makes documentary films, which attempt to address how power consolidates, morphs and guides society & culture. He has made documentaries for the BBC for more than two decades, all of which are fascinating, but one stands...

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Future Thinking – Vinay Gupta

Vinay Gupta is a Scottish computer engineer, inventor and technologist. In this podcast episode, he talks to a range of topics from enlightenment, disaster response, meditation & DNA memory. Alongside the hosts of the Future Thinkers podcast, he created a...

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Morning Routine in 10 Steps – Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik has navigated his way from being known as 'the boy with the broken brain' through to being considered a global authority on memory development, speed reading, enhanced cognition and how to learn effectively. In this short video, he shares 10 things he does...

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