Dandapani is a Hindu priest, who regularly speaks on personal development, cognitive potential and practical spirituality. He preaches a simple, well-observed & thought out approach to life’s challenges based on embracing sustainable change.

In this episode, he details what it means to have a ‘simple life’, how to create a lifestyle that supports meditation, the usefulness and potential of affirmations and how to proactively use your attention & focus.

To try out affirmations and see if they improve your mood.  Write down a list of things you feel are holding you back or impeding you living your best life (e.g. I always give up before I give something a proper go). Once you have completed the list, write down how you would like to be or the characteristics that you would like to embody if you were to address each of them (e.g. I am open to new experiences and I am resilient in the face of adversity).

Speak each of the affirmations out loud every day. Ideally for around 5 minutes, twice a day. The idea is that speaking creates thoughts, thoughts create feelings and feelings compound emotions.