Dr Daniel Amen is a psychiatrist and brain disorder specialist from America, he has released a number of books over the last 15 years which have seem him propelled into the space of ‘self-help’ guru in recent years, however that does not reduce nor undermine some of the fundamental impact that his advice can have.

In this episode of Health Theory, he speaks about the impact of traumatic brain injuries, simple ways to improve your brain health, foods & supplements that support the brain and how to address lifestyle factors that may be impairing your emotional wellbeing.

Dr Amen illustrates five questions that we should ask ourselves when we become anxious. These present an opportunity to rationally address the thought process and work through the stimuli which may be causing the feelings.

If you would like to try it yourself, here it is…

When you feel anxious, tune in to what you are thinking about. Then ask yourself:

  1. Is your thought identifiably, objectively true?
  2. Is there a chance that if it isn’t true, that it might not happen or be false?
  3. How did/do you feel when you believe the thought?
  4. How would you feel if you didn’t/couldn’t have the thought?
  5. If you take the exact opposite of your thought, can you find examples in your life which support the fact that it might not happen or it might not be true?

The idea is to rationally question your automatic negative thoughts to allow your objective intelligence to nullify the impact of your internal negative self-talk.