Jennifer Garvey Berger is the CEO of Cultivating leadership, she believes that leadership is developed over time and that we need a framework to cultivate better leadership in the complex and often troubled times that we are currently living in.

She is an author of two books, both focusing on the habits and routines of successful individuals, leaders and the companies they represent.

In this podcast episode, she talks an enlightening range of topics, however the most important and valuable content relates to these three areas of habitual behaviour:

  • Seeing in systems – Evaluating patterns in complex systems & being brave enough to challenge ingrained ways of doing things, by suggesting tests and evaluating the success of outputs
  • Taking multiple perspectives – Listening. Really listening, rather than thinking what you are going to respond with. Then applying empathy across a range of perspectives before ever coming to a decision, or focused outcome
  • Asking better questions – Ask fundamental questions that seem too simple. ‘does it have to work like that?’, ‘why can’t we try and change?’. Think about the child asking ‘why is the sky blue?’, employ a curiosity that runs past your perceived ‘knowledge’

These all relate to the idea that adults need to take responsibility for their own development and not rest on tried and tested beliefs, skills or sense making modalities.

This aligns a lot with the purpose and vision of Service Provision. It is an incredible listen.