Jim Kwik has navigated his way from being known as ‘the boy with the broken brain’ through to being considered a global authority on memory development, speed reading, enhanced cognition and how to learn effectively.

In this short video, he shares 10 things he does every morning to support his brain and start his day off on the right foot.

If you want to try out these techniques for yourself, the 10 tips are:

  1. Try to remember what you were dreaming about
  2. Make your bed and tidy your room
  3. Drink a lot of water – At least two pints immediately after waking
  4. Brush your teeth with your weak hand
  5. Do a deep breathing exercises – Get oxygen into your body
  6. Take brain enhancing supplements with your morning tea
  7. Write out a to do list and write down what you are grateful for
  8. HIIT workout or steady-state cardio if you can’t do HIIT
  9. Drink a plant-based smoothie
  10. Read a book