John MacAvoy has transformed himself from written off inmate, to written about world record breaker. Born and raised in the hyper-masculine environment of esteemed bank robbers living entirely outside of the system, floating between a life of luxury and multiple prison stints. He was identified by the authorities as a persistent and dangerous criminal in his early 20’s and subsequently handed multiple life sentences.

To try and find some freedom in incarceration, he took to the rowing machine, finding both mental clarity and some central understanding from his brutal endurance sessions, increasingly managing to find comfort in his discomfort.

In this podcast episode, he tells the story of his life so far from taking his step dad’s Ferrari to school age 16 to breaking multiple static rowing machine world records by some distance whilst still in jail.

It is a fantastic tale of dramatic and progressive change.

If you want to challenge yourself to find comfort in discomfort try showering for 3 minutes on the coldest setting. Focusing on your breath & micro movements (turning front to back, side to side) these small things will occupy your mind and should force your not to think about the cold. After about 30-45 seconds you should adjust and not feel the harshness of the cold water quite so intensely.

The human body is incredible at adapting to environments, test yourself today to see if you can last the full 3 minutes!