Tony Schwarz is the founder and president of The Energy Project and the co-author of ‘The Power of Full Engagement’. In this talk, he illustrates that in an ever quickening digital world where the demands on us as individuals are increasing exponentially, we need to mine our energy reserves to work smarter and with real purpose to get the right outcomes whilst focusing on replenishing our energies in the right way to avoid working longer and more inefficiently with the inevitable negative outcomes that align with burnout.

His ideas focus on the human body and the rhythms that we innately embody. It is his belief that to function adequately at our potential we need to utilise and maximise four energy sources: Physical Energy, Emotional Energy, Mental Energy and Spiritual Energy.

The below link is to a talk he delivered in early 2008 at Google, where he focuses on the role of the four energies in sustaining performance, being a great leader and motivating the people around you.

The four energies that Schwarz speaks to can be built out and examined to review your own state of being:

  1. Physical Energy – Quantity – Easy to understand – Goes from low to high
  2. Emotional Energy – Quality – Slightly more difficult to understand – Goes from negative to positive
  3. Mental Energy – Focus – Quite difficult to understand – Goes from non-existent to abundant
  4. Spiritual Energy – Purpose – Difficult to understand – Goes from lacking to plentiful

The idea being that.. Having the physical capacity to engage in a task with a positive outlook, whilst remaining resolutely focused on what you want to achieve and knowing that the act of achieving it supports your values and your moral code will allow you to feel valuable, validated and replenished (rather than depleted and worn out).