Vinay Gupta is a Scottish computer engineer, inventor and technologist. In this podcast episode, he talks to a range of topics from enlightenment, disaster response, meditation & DNA memory.

Alongside the hosts of the Future Thinkers podcast, he created a meditation app to support those in their quest for enlightenment (whatever that means for you). To give you a succinct overview of his chosen methodologies, I have broken out the three forms of meditation suggested by the app below…

Within the app, Vinay suggests 3 x 10 mins (repeated twice), but if you don’t have time for a 60 minute meditation session you can scale it back to 3 x 5 mins if you want:

  • 5 mins – Mantra meditation – Close your eyes, choose a phrase or word (like ‘sunflower’) and repeat it over & over in your head, whilst breathing down into your diaphragm. In and out through your nose
  • 5 mins – Open awareness meditation – Open your eyes, focus on whatever your attention goes to but as soon as your start to focus on something too much (and starting an internal dialogue), call out in your head that you lost open awareness and return to letting your eyes wander & mind go quiet
  • 5 mins – Sitting with difficult memories – Continue your breathing and think about a memory which troubles you. It could be a moment where you felt shame as a child or a difficult situation at work where you felt belittled. Allow yourself time with the memory and continue to breathe through the negative feeling/s