Service Provision is a health & wellbeing lifestyle brand that wants everyone to be able to take control of their mental, emotional & physical wellbeing.

It is our aim to help individuals step into responsibility and take control of the decisions that are negatively contributing to how they feel.

We want to provide access to resources, content, products, workshops and events that will support change in people’s lives.

We believe that simplifying the routine & ritual of everyday life can have a profound effect on how well-adjusted and content you are.

Our business & brand is focused on turning the tables on win/lose dynamics. We want to benefit everyone, whether it is through embracing an open source ideology, by providing resources for free, by tiering product pricing by circumstances or by supporting charities with a percentage of any profits. We believe value is subjective and we want to externalise as much good as we possibly can.


Omni Win/Win.